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At Beckenstein & Oxford L.L.P., our attorneys blend tradition with innovation to deliver RESULTS.


Exemplary Legal Services in Beaumont, TX
Benckenstein & Oxford, L.L.P.

Personalized Legal Excellence:
Your Trusted Partners at Benckenstein & Oxford

Nestled in the heart of Beaumont, Texas, Benckenstein & Oxford, L.L.P. stands out in the legal landscape for its deep-rooted expertise in Probate, Guardianship, Estate Planning, Trusts, Pipeline, Governmental, and Green Energy Projects. Founded in 1917 in Beaumont, Texas, Benckenstein & Oxford, LLP has been built on a century-old legacy of excellence, ethics, and integrity with the central focus of ensuring that the firm’s efforts are in the best interests of our clients.  
Their commitment to client satisfaction and comprehensive legal solutions makes Benckenstein & Oxford a beacon of trust and reliability in Southeast Texas.

Five Pillars of Trust: Why Choose Benckenstein & Oxford

✅   Deep-rooted History: With a foundation dating back to 1917, Benckenstein & Oxford brings a century of legal wisdom and a legacy of success.

✅.  Personalized Approach: Hubert Oxford IV and Joshua Heinz are known for their exceptional accessibility, making clients feel valued and understood.

✅   Broad Expertise: Specializing in diverse areas such as probate, estate planning, and green energy projects, they cater to a wide range of legal needs.

✅   Community Commitment: Deeply embedded in Beaumont, TX, they have a strong understanding of local legal landscapes and community needs.

✅   Ethical Practice: Their unwavering commitment to ethics and excellence ensures clients receive trustworthy and effective legal representation.


At Benckenstein & Oxford, we know how to fight for our client's rights and relentlessly pursue advantages across a wide range of cases.

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Who We Are

About Our Lawfirm

Hubert Oxford IV and Joshua Heinz embody the spirit of Beaumont, TX, with their deep-rooted commitment to serving their community. Their blend of local heritage and legal expertise positions them as not just attorneys but as trusted advisors who understand the unique needs of their clients. With a focus on personalized service, they ensure that every client is met with the responsiveness, understanding, and top-tier legal representation they deserve. Their capabilities span a wide range of legal fields, offering clients comprehensive solutions backed by a century of firm legacy and innovation.


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Of Counsel

H. Oxford
J. Heinz

Hubert Oxford IV

Partner, Benckenstein & Oxford

Joshua Heinz

Partner, Benckenstein & Oxford


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K. Murray

Keith Murray

CEO, 24/7 Roofing & Siding

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