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Comprehensive Legal Solutions: Our Areas of Practice

Core Practice Areas

Corporate Defense Strategies: Safeguarding Your Business

Historically, the backbone of Benckenstein & Oxford, LLP has been to assist its corporate clients on a local, statewide, and national basis.  The firm’s attorneys have a long history of serving as national counsel for major corporations, overseeing litigation throughout the country.  As national counsel for some of the nation’s largest companies, the lawyers at the firm have assisted their clients in successfully negotiating the resolution of over 20,000 claims. 


Probate & Estate Planning: Securing Your Future

With a comprehensive approach to Probate & Estate Planning, Benckenstein & Oxford ensures your legacy and future are meticulously planned and protected, offering peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

Guardianship Law Services: Protecting What Matters Most

At Benckenstein & Oxford, our Guardianship Law Services are dedicated to safeguarding the well-being of your loved ones, ensuring they receive the protection and care they deserve during crucial times.

Trusts Law Services: Crafting Your Legacy with Care

Benckenstein & Oxford's Trusts Law Services offer expert guidance in creating and managing trusts, ensuring your assets are managed and distributed according to your wishes, safeguarding your legacy for generations to come.

Pipeline Law Services: Navigating Energy & Land Rights

The attorneys at Benckenstein & Oxford, LLP have become proficient in the ever-growing pipeline infrastructure development in Southeast Texas by providing landowners with guidance to navigate the complexities of and successfully negotiating pipeline and associated easements to ensure the clients’ interests are protected and that they receive fair delegate compensation.  To achieve this, the firm’s attorneys make every effort to treat the opposing side with respect and honesty so that the pipeline companies will return to our clients for any future pipeline needs.  

Legal Services for Governmental Entities: Guiding Public Sector Excellence

Benckenstein & Oxford, LLP provides legal services for governmental entities, offering strategic guidance and support to navigate the complexities of public sector law to ensure governance is conducted with transparency, efficiency, and the highest ethical standards.  Moreover, given the firm’s nearly 50 years of representing governmental entities, the firm is often asked to work hand-in-hand with management and the Board of Directors of their governmental entity clients to proactively advise on operational and financial issues that may arise to avoid future legal problems.

Green Energy Project Services: Powering Sustainable Futures

Southeast Texas is quickly becoming a major hub for green energy projects such as hydrogen facilities, solar facilities, and wind farms.  At Benckenstein & Oxford, LLP our attorneys have been at the forefront of evaluating the various companies reaching out to local landowners to provide information on the feasibility of proposed projects and then to assisting in the negotiations of the agreements to utilize the client’s property for the respective projects.  To do this, utilizing outside experts and collaborating with other attorneys in the industry to ensure our clients receive the greatest compensation possible while at the same time having agreements that protect the landowner’s property for the current and future generations.

Probate & Estate
Governmental Entites
Green Energy

Carbon Sequestration Legal Guidance: Pioneering Green Futures

Starting in the spring of 2022, the attorneys at Benckenstein & Oxford, LLP were called upon by its clients to provide advice and to negotiate on landowner client’s behalf carbon sequestration projects involving Chevron USA, Inc. (Bayou Bend CCS, LLC), Oxy, Conoco Phillips, and ExxonMobil Low Carb Logistics.  To date, the firm’s attorneys have successfully negotiated, or assisted in the negotiations of easement agreements for and on behalf of their landowner clients that cover over 150,000 acres in Southeast Texas, which has resulted in substantial compensation to their clients.  As part of the services provided, our attorneys work with their clients and use their prior experience to evaluate and offer advice on contract terms and compensation amounts, while also assisting their clients in verifying property ownership and acreage, informing the clients of the status of negotiations, closing the transaction, and being available to address post-execution issues that may arise.    

Comprehensive Legal Expertise: From Personal to Public Matters

Benckenstein & Oxford offers a wide array of legal services, encompassing corporate defense, probate & estate planning, guardianship, trusts, pipeline negotiations, governmental entity assistance, and various green energy projects. Our dedicated approach ensures personalized and strategic legal solutions across various sectors, reflecting our commitment to excellence, ethical practice, and advancing sustainable futures.

Other Common Practice Areas


Insurance Defense Law Services: Protecting Your Interests

Benckenstein & Oxford's Insurance Defense Law Services offer robust legal representation, focusing on defending insurers and policyholders with unmatched diligence, ensuring your rights and interests are rigorously protected against claims and disputes.

Family Law Services: Nurturing Your Family's Future

Benckenstein & Oxford's Family Law Services are tailored to provide compassionate and comprehensive legal support during family transitions, focusing on achieving resolutions that nurture and protect your family's future through thoughtful mediation and dedicated advocacy.


Business Entity Formation: Building Strong Foundations

Benckenstein & Oxford practices in Business Entity Formation, guiding entrepreneurs and businesses in establishing solid legal foundations that support growth, ensure compliance, and protect assets from the outset, setting the stage for long-term success and stability.

Commercial Transactions Law Services: Facilitating Business Success

Benckenstein & Oxford's Commercial Transactions Law Services empower businesses with strategic legal guidance, ensuring seamless operations and transactions that pave the way for successful commercial endeavors, protecting interests and fostering growth in a competitive market.

Defense Law
Family Law
Business Entity

General Civil Litigation: Championing Your Rights

Benckenstein & Oxford's General Civil Litigation services are dedicated to championing your rights, offering robust representation across a spectrum of disputes to ensure justice is served and your interests are vigorously defended in and out of court.

General Civil Litigation
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